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Learn How To Do Business in Philadelphia
Learn How To Do Business in Philadelphia
Towanda R. Livingston, Senior Director, Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) Department of Commerce | City of Philadelphia

The Minority Business Enterprise/Diverse Supplier Business Community has come a long way since the original federal legislation in 1969 with the Office of Minority Business. America has been blessed to produce change leaders such as Congressman Parren James Mitchell and advocates like Leon H. Sullivan, Jr., and Arnold M. Jolivet. Economic inclusion in the DMV is at an all time high with both government and private corporations entertaining goals to meet inclusion objectives.


In this week’s edition, we draw spotlight to one of the luminaries who has blazed the path of righteousness to increase economic inclusion during her professional career which includes both government and corporate. That special person is Towanda R. Livingston, Senior Director City of Philadelphia, Department of Commerce’s Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO).


“Every now and then, in one’s professional lifetime, one gets to meet such a dynamic person; a leader that distinguishes character, knowledge and great judgement and that person is Towanda R. Livingston,” said Wayne R. Frazier, Sr., President of Md. Washington Minority Companies Association (MWMCA). “Philadelphia is blessed to have her lead their inclusive efforts and certified minority and women owned businesses get prepared to do business there.”




Learn How To Do Business in Philadelphia



Towanda R. Livingston


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