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M&T Bank is Committed To Serving Minority and Women Owned Businesses
M&T Bank is Committed To Serving Minority and Women Owned Businesses
Detra Miller, Administrative Vice President/Business Banking/Team Leader, M&T Bank

Md. Washington Minority Companies Association (MWMCA) is very proud of the role we play in connecting large businesses with small business and vice versa. One such large business, M&T Bank prides itself as the bank for small businesses to grow with and they have recruited some of the best financial professionals Maryland has to offer. In this issue, we have highlighted Detra Miller, Administrative Vice President, because she represents the sole of the bank and is a shining example why M&T Bank is constantly rated the best in financial services in Maryland.


What role do you serve at the bank and how can that position assist minority and women owned businesses gain access to the banks financial products and services?

I am one of four Business Banking Team Leaders in the Baltimore region which includes Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford County and Cecil County.  In my position, I work with a team of Business Bankers to help business owners develop the best solutions to satisfy banking, cash management, and lending needs. I also help them identify ways to anticipate and meet upcoming needs. 


Tell us why you choose to pursue commercial banking as a career?

I’ve spent all my career in Finance and Banking with the majority of that time in retail sales, operations and leadership roles.  My decision to transition into Business Banking came from my passion to help people reach their financial goals.  In prior roles, I helped individuals with debt management and personal finance, asset protection, and wealth building.  Working with business owners allows me to add value to their business by assisting with all of the above.  Helping one business owner, helps the community on a much larger scale.  If that business owner is successful, I have ultimately had a positive impact on the employees that work for him/her, the clients and vendors.  That’s an incredible feeling.


What were the steps that prepared you for the leadership role you currently enjoy?

In regards to being in leadership, building a strong network of senior leaders and influencers who have helped to mentor and guide me was instrumental.  These individuals helped me realize my potential and advocated regularly on my behalf.  I also learned to allow myself to be vulnerable and become an active listener so that I was able to receive developmental feedback and take action to become a stronger leader.  For Business Banking specifically, the key was allowing myself to be a student and understanding that it’s not as important to have all the answers as it is to know where to find them. This job is about being out in the community, building relationships, and connecting with people, so not being afraid to interact also helped me.


What makes M&T Bank so great and one of the best in America?

As M&T has grown tremendously in size, we have maintained that community bank feel.  We are constantly seeking ways to improve so that we can positively impact our employees, customers and shareholders.  Our Vision Statement speaks to that commitment: “we strive to be the best place our employees ever work, the best place our customers ever bank and the best investment our shareholders ever make.”


Why is M&T Bank committed to serving minority and women owned businesses?

M&T is at its core a community bank, and we understand that small, minority, and women-owned businesses are essential to a vibrant local economy.  We are committed to serving the needs of these businesses because of their ability to positively impact local institutions, communities, neighborhoods and families.


What lines of business that the bank offers would have the best value for small/minority and women owned businesses?

At M&T, we work to understand what’s important to our customers and then help them achieve their financial goals.  For business owners, we offer a wide variety of products and services from checking and savings, to financing and advice and guidance.  Our Business Bankers are experts at looking at your business, and recommending customized solutions to meet your needs.


We understand that the bank is an original signature under Johns Hopkins/B-Local empowerment program. Why did the bank feel compelled to sign on?

We have a strong commitment to Baltimore City.  Our Mid-Atlantic headquarters has been in downtown Baltimore for 15 years, and our new headquarters at One Light Street is currently under construction.  We wanted to be amongst the organizations at the forefront of this important effort to strengthen the city, and create opportunities for Baltimoreans.


How does it feel to see the banks name plastered on the stadium off I-95, where the Ravens play and why is that significant?

I feel a strong sense of pride to have M&T Bank on the Ravens stadium.  I believe our name on the stadium and our strong partnership with the Ravens speaks volumes to our commitment to the Baltimore community.  We know that we are contributing to the success of small businesses and not for profit organizations financially and we also believe community banking involves support through volunteerism which we encourage, recognize and reward our employees for doing.  Our name on the stadium is symbolic of those things.


Detra Miller

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